Wellness Retreat

Mt. Shasta

“Love is the bridge between you and everything” –Rumi

I went to Mt. Shasta for a weekend retreat and have a newfound perspective on nature,  community and relationships. I went to the retreat only knowing 2 people and walked away gaining 9 really good friends. It was so inspirational getting to know people from different backgrounds, ages and walks of life.

I am also in the process of opening my own yoga retreat center so it was great to gain perspective on things that I can incorporate into my own retreat. I loved that we did an opening and closing circle. Watching everyone’s transformation from the beginning till the end is inspirational and is definitely something I want to integrate into my own retreats.

We went to Stewart Mineral Springs and had a great time getting to detox, relax and get some natural sunlight outdoors. The three step process was similar to the experience I had at Wi Spa. First step, bathe in hot tub with minerals. Step 2, sit in sauna for detoxification. Step 3, dunk in 64 degree cold springs. What an adrenaline rush it was!! I would love to incorporate this into my retreat center as well.

All our meals were cooked together as a community. We helped set the table, prepare the meals and ate together at the table sharing stories and laughing till our stomachs hurt.

Many of the retreat participants went during a time of transition in their life. It seemed like that was the overwhelming theme of the weekend. Many of us left with more clarity, groundedness and mental stability after the weekend commenced. My intention for the weekend was to build compassion which I definitely was able to do. You never know what someone is going through in their life so it’s important to stay compassionate towards people at all times. “Love is the bridge between you and everything” –Rumi

I look forward to sharing this similar experience with others when I lead my own retreats in a month or two. Stay tuned for the release date!