Mission Statement

Retreat Mission

I never in a million years thought I would be turning my dreams into a reality of hosting my very own retreat center in LA at my very own home. One year ago I had this "AHHH HAAA" moment in Costa Rica as I was leading my annual yoga retreat in Montezuma. During our closing circle on the seventh day I burst into tears with a heart full of gratitude and an understanding of my purpose in life. You see, at that period of my life I was doing real estate full time and only teaching yoga on the side. I was successful in my real estate career, but didn't have balance in my life. I didn't know how to turn off my work mind unless I completely disconnected from it by leaving the country for two weeks. I felt fortunate, but was I really? In my health- absolutely not. Constantly stressed, poor diet, and poor sleep were a few of the items on my bad habits list.

At that moment in our closing circle I knew I needed to find balance.  I never felt so happy or fulfilled as I had during that week of teaching 14 classes in seven days. I knew I had to follow my passion to teach and inspire daily, even if that meant stepping away from a career I felt so comfortable in. I had to to find a way to live my life where I could press the re- set button more consciously and continuously so I didn't burn out to the point of no return.

So here you have it. One year later. One of the most challenging yet rewarding years of my life.  I hosted my very first retreat where all my dreams were shared with 15 souls from all walks of life.

My mission:

To enable like minded individuals to disconnect and reconnect to self and others, hike in nature, and practice yoga for an overall mind, body, spirit connection. To quiet the chatter of the mind and distractions of news and social media. To feel and to listen to what it is your body REALLY needs.

Extremely feeling humbled and blessed. Here is to the beginning of yet another new chapter of my life. Love and Light!!!