29th Birthday

As I sit here following my birthday weekend, my heart cannot bleed more with gratitude, love and appreciation for all my close friends and family who made this 29th birthday celebration unforgettable. As I have gotten older, I have become awakened to what truly matters in life. No material gift can amount to the quality and depth of friendships that I have built throughout my life. As I was at the Hollywood Cemetery for Cinespia and looked around at my group of 20 friends I saw people from all walks of life. Elementary school friends, yoga friends, college friends and even work friends. Although not everyone knew each other, watching the different groups merge and connect was beautiful. It made me realize how lucky I am to both have a wide range of quantity AND quality of friends. Although most people dread celebrating birthdays as they get older, I on the other hand find much gratitude and happiness in getting my closest loved ones together in celebrating. Looking forward to what the big 3-0 celebration has to bring next!!!