Why I Gave Up Coffee

There's nothing I enjoy more than having a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. It's what actually gets me to physically crawl out of bed. It wasn't until I was having mid-day crashes that I had to re-evaluate my caffeine intake and see if it was really worth it. I love everything about coffee especially the taste!  It was hard to do, but when I realized how dependent I was to it, I knew I had to quit.

The first few days were hard weaning off of it. I was dealing with headaches and being lethargic all day. I couldn't concentrate or keep my eyes open and wanted to take mid-day naps which was unlike me. That lasted about 3 days and got easier day by day. What helped me immensely was substituting coffee with non-caffeinated green tea from Trader Joe's. It's better for you and high in anti-oxidants. After a week I didn't crave coffee anymore and got use to drinking green tea instead. 

I feel much more alert and not as cloudy in the head. Do I still enjoy or crave the taste? Absolutely, but I prefer the way I feel now over my dependence of it which makes it worth it!